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Fandom inspired fashions - mostly polyvore, but some fanart too. Submissions are absolutely adored. and you will be credited.

Anonymous asked: Do you have lord of the rings or hobbit outfits and if so can you make collections on polyvore.


Ummm I do not think I do.. You’re welcome to submit some if you like!

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Anonymous asked: Do u have facebook so I can follow you?


I don’t :/

— 1 year ago
Hey, Tumblr homestucks in the general Boston area!


Hannah and I are hosting a meetup in Plymouth MA, USA, at Nelson Park on August 17th, 2013!

It’s 50 minutes out of Boston, and there’s lots to do there. Plus, the park is the perfect place to meet. Cosplay is definitely encouraged, but not mandatory. More info under the break.

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thehapakat asked: where did you find the jeans in your asami sato outfit?


if you click through to there, the link is in the sidebar. Those exact jeans are sold out I guess, but the site is there, and it suggests similar ones. c:

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: Your blog is really amazing!


Thank you! I should really upkeep it more… <3

— 1 year ago
designl-a-b asked: do you only do women outfits?


Most of the fashion sets on Polyvore happen to use female clothing, so we mostly do women outfits, although we are not opposed to doing men ones

If you wanna submit something with a manly fashion choice, go ahead. :) I’ll also try to add more men outfits


— 1 year ago